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Dinosaurs were girls to!

August 19, 2011

It’s no surprise that Dinosaurs had both Female and Male sexes and reproduced. Why then, is it only boys who seem to be allowed to love dinos growing up. It’s pretty hard to find anything neutral or even “pink” dino gear for girls to wear. All kids, of all ages, are drawn to dinosaurs. But yet, it seems it’s only appropriate for boys to have dinosaur shoes.

Yes there are plenty of female archeologists and paleontologists out there. I assume they loved the field from a young age. I encourage/enable my daughter every chance to let her learn about her dinosaurs. She  never ceases to amaze me the things she learns from documentaries and figures out on her own from books (she can’t read yet).

Vivian’s favorite dinosaur is the Maiasaura- which means “good mother lizard”. Pretty “girly” if you ask me!!

Today was Vivian’s second day of pre-k. She has a dinosaur backpack, lunchbox, thermos you name it. Yesterday she wore a flower shirt, today she chose a pink heart one. I asked her why aren’t you wearing any of your dinosaur shirts? I’m shocked you aren’t wearing them!! What she told me next completely destroyed me. I knew it would happen eventually, kids after all are cruel. She told me she didn’t like being called a boy. That if she wears her dinosaur shirts, people would say she was a boy. She even asked daddy to “make her hair look more like a girl” this morning.


It has taken quite a bit of time and money to find her good, “appropriate” dinosaur stuff to wear. By appropriate, I mean not obviously boy, the T-rex destroying everything with big words and blazing red.

Granted, a lot of the problem right now is because she wanted her hair cut short. She was hot and was sick of tangles. I don’t see why there should be a problem with this. So we cut it. Ever since then, she has been getting teased. Not by kids. By adults.

Viv with her new haircut and black dinosaur shirt.

Even dressed head to toe in pink, ADULTS still call her boy. They aren’t looking at her, they are looking through her. All they see is short hair.

what a good looking boy.....

So now starts my lesson to not let others peoples issues dictate what she loves. This kid knows more about dinos than most adults.

You will NOT make her feel bad about that.

She might sick her pet dino on you after all………………

I guess that means no more hockey games

or train shows

bird watching is girlie right?? Is that ok??

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