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Viv and her camera

July 10, 2011

Viv has been running around with a little camera for the past couple weeks. I uploaded the pictures and after laughing, I weeded out some of the better shots (shots that didn’t show me or a messy house). So without further ado, I bring you–Viv the photo-tog….

 This is a dragon ornament that plays “somewhere out there”. It gets played repeatedly. It is now “put up so it doesn’t get broke”.

I assume she is practicing her self portraits and duck face shots.

Taking pictures of Doppler while she is meowing for food instead of feeding her. lol.

Kitchen window. Not sure if she was going for the plant (which died from the sun & heat) or the shamrock “Fante” sign.

Her tent.

Triceratops skull.

See the dinosaur tail?? Every clothes drawer is a nest for dinosaurs. Each species has it’s own nest drawer. Yep…..

Tools and hockey and treasure box….


 Backpack, briefcase and wagon.

Dinosaur playground.

View from inside the dinosaur lair.

Her first cloud shot. So proud!

Backyard & sandbox–that has no sand 😦



Land before time on her imac…what a dirty screen. Guess I better clean it off.

STEVE!!!!! and the wonderful screen lines….wonder how much longer that imac is going to last. Perfect kid machine.

Tom and Jerry

Mazonia fossils from grampa Art!

More triceratops and Barons skateboard.

her dry erase markers for her new school books.

Big blankie and Simba.

Viking bag and books.

Dinosaur boots and viewfinder discs.

not sure what she was going for here.

Blue painted toe nails.

Mess of toys.

Dinosaur train toy box. Nice Lienenkugal’s box there Viv!

Some books.

Until next time! She definitely enjoys taking pictures of the things she is surrounded by.

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