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Go The Fuck To Sleep… seriously…..

September 26, 2012


There are nights like these, when all I can think of is this book. I don’t own it, so no, I haven’t actually read it to these little heathens. It is now 1am in OKC. Lil Vic, who HAS managed to this point, made it to the age of 4, is STILL awake. Myself, I am trying to still get over from a nasty cold/allergy attack, so needless to say, I’m exhausted. I want to go to bed. I can’t GO to bed until this little turdhead goes to sleep!!!

This will not be a fun morning……


Time for Potica

December 21, 2011

So, after not making the lovely potica last year, I was ready to go for it this year. I also decided to try and take pics and blog the recipe, since I usually get requests for it.

(Note: After looking EVERYWHERE for my original recipe, it was not found until I was rolling the logs. So, while the pics aren’t from my recipe, I am going to post my recipe.)

Potica- (po-tee-sa) is a Slovenian holiday nut bread, made around Christmas and easter usually. Slovenia is located in central Europe, boundaries with Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Italy. Obviously, a bit of the cuisine in Slovenia roots from its neighbors.  

Since I’m not brave enough nor capable to try my hand at panettone, this is a tradition we do in my house. I make it more to hand out to people for a christmas treat and it is always a hit.

 I used small bread pans to make these individual loaves, I believe this causes the “gapping” you see here, due to the dough having no where to go when rising. The larger, normal sized bread pans end up more flat in appearance.

Traditionally, potica was cooked in a circle or bundt pan type. I haven’t tried this yet, but I think I will for the next batch.

OK, let’s get this party started:

What you will need……………


1 cup warm milk

1 cake/package dry yeast

1/3 cup butter

1 tsp salt

1 egg

5 cups flour

1 ½ tsp sugar


1 lb. walnuts

3 cups smashed graham crackers(1 ½ package)

2 cups sugar

1 can crushed pinapple

½ cup butter

4 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

1 ½ cup milk

½ cup honey scalded

*I sometimes add raisins to mine.

Step 1. crumble yeast in small bowl with 1/2 tsp sugar, add 4-5 tsp warm milk then set aside.

Step 2. cream butter & sugar.


Add egg, salt & warm milk.

Add 2 cups of flour to your yeast mixture, then add mixture and remaining flour into butter mix.

I used to do this by hand, but have to say, I love using the mixer. It helps make the dough so smooth and soft. Knead for about 10 minutes.

Dust with some flour, cover and set in warm place for 2 hours.

While your dough is rising, now is the time to grab a BIG bowl and mix all your filling ingredients. Something like this might be big enough..

Don’t worry if you freak over the appearance, because it is pretty vile looking….but the SMELL will be incredible.

mmmmmmm honey…….

*the recipe I used didn’t have a clear way to mix a filling, i improvised as well as i could from memory. Ideally, you need to scald your milk and honey together before adding to mixture. This still tasted good, just didn’t have the creaminess as the original.

If you aren’t using a food processor, toss your graham crackers into a ziploc bag and go to town on it with a rolling pins (or your fists) to make great crumbage. Make sure you chop up the walnuts!

After your dough has risen enough to your satisfaction, it’s time to roll it out on a floured surface. Since we want this as thin as possible, I usually cut the dough ball in half to manage it better. Yes, I have done the long, hard way….not so much fun. Work smart, not hard!

Melt ¼ cup butter and brush the dough with the butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon, then spread filling mixture evenly across dough. Whichever way you are going to decide to roll your dough, try to keep about an inch free from the edge of the filling. This will help reduce any oozing when rolling and makes tucking the ends easier. Yes, this is messy and easier done with plastic gloves if you don’t want to get too nasty. But what is the fun in that?

Hopefully you have a nicely floured surface when you started rolling so when you start this next step the dough doesn’t stick to the table. Trust me, if it rips, it’s messy and aggravating! This is another reason I like dividing my dough out, it makes it easier to make the roll. After you roll the dough into the tube you will brush egg whites over roll. This normally takes about 2 eggs.

Grease or butter your pans, unless you have awesome pans. Make sure you place your pans next to the roll before you cut. Measure from BOTTOM of pan, not the top edge. You don’t want a tight fit, but you don’t want to leave to much space from the pan end wall either. About 1/2 a finger gap is good.

My roll didn’t end up as thick as usual with this filling, but trust me, the original recipe WILL make thick, big rolls. They are not exactly easy to manage, make sure to go slowly and carefully.

Baking normally takes about 25 minutes

WARNING: Once these beauties cool off a bit and you have your first bite, you might not be able to stop!!

Dinosaurs were girls to!

August 19, 2011

It’s no surprise that Dinosaurs had both Female and Male sexes and reproduced. Why then, is it only boys who seem to be allowed to love dinos growing up. It’s pretty hard to find anything neutral or even “pink” dino gear for girls to wear. All kids, of all ages, are drawn to dinosaurs. But yet, it seems it’s only appropriate for boys to have dinosaur shoes.

Yes there are plenty of female archeologists and paleontologists out there. I assume they loved the field from a young age. I encourage/enable my daughter every chance to let her learn about her dinosaurs. She  never ceases to amaze me the things she learns from documentaries and figures out on her own from books (she can’t read yet).

Vivian’s favorite dinosaur is the Maiasaura- which means “good mother lizard”. Pretty “girly” if you ask me!!

Today was Vivian’s second day of pre-k. She has a dinosaur backpack, lunchbox, thermos you name it. Yesterday she wore a flower shirt, today she chose a pink heart one. I asked her why aren’t you wearing any of your dinosaur shirts? I’m shocked you aren’t wearing them!! What she told me next completely destroyed me. I knew it would happen eventually, kids after all are cruel. She told me she didn’t like being called a boy. That if she wears her dinosaur shirts, people would say she was a boy. She even asked daddy to “make her hair look more like a girl” this morning.


It has taken quite a bit of time and money to find her good, “appropriate” dinosaur stuff to wear. By appropriate, I mean not obviously boy, the T-rex destroying everything with big words and blazing red.

Granted, a lot of the problem right now is because she wanted her hair cut short. She was hot and was sick of tangles. I don’t see why there should be a problem with this. So we cut it. Ever since then, she has been getting teased. Not by kids. By adults.

Viv with her new haircut and black dinosaur shirt.

Even dressed head to toe in pink, ADULTS still call her boy. They aren’t looking at her, they are looking through her. All they see is short hair.

what a good looking boy.....

So now starts my lesson to not let others peoples issues dictate what she loves. This kid knows more about dinos than most adults.

You will NOT make her feel bad about that.

She might sick her pet dino on you after all………………

I guess that means no more hockey games

or train shows

bird watching is girlie right?? Is that ok??

Viv and her camera

July 10, 2011

Viv has been running around with a little camera for the past couple weeks. I uploaded the pictures and after laughing, I weeded out some of the better shots (shots that didn’t show me or a messy house). So without further ado, I bring you–Viv the photo-tog….

 This is a dragon ornament that plays “somewhere out there”. It gets played repeatedly. It is now “put up so it doesn’t get broke”.

I assume she is practicing her self portraits and duck face shots.

Taking pictures of Doppler while she is meowing for food instead of feeding her. lol.

Kitchen window. Not sure if she was going for the plant (which died from the sun & heat) or the shamrock “Fante” sign.

Her tent.

Triceratops skull.

See the dinosaur tail?? Every clothes drawer is a nest for dinosaurs. Each species has it’s own nest drawer. Yep…..

Tools and hockey and treasure box….


 Backpack, briefcase and wagon.

Dinosaur playground.

View from inside the dinosaur lair.

Her first cloud shot. So proud!

Backyard & sandbox–that has no sand 😦



Land before time on her imac…what a dirty screen. Guess I better clean it off.

STEVE!!!!! and the wonderful screen lines….wonder how much longer that imac is going to last. Perfect kid machine.

Tom and Jerry

Mazonia fossils from grampa Art!

More triceratops and Barons skateboard.

her dry erase markers for her new school books.

Big blankie and Simba.

Viking bag and books.

Dinosaur boots and viewfinder discs.

not sure what she was going for here.

Blue painted toe nails.

Mess of toys.

Dinosaur train toy box. Nice Lienenkugal’s box there Viv!

Some books.

Until next time! She definitely enjoys taking pictures of the things she is surrounded by.

Playing in the pool

May 30, 2011

Decided to try out the new camera a bit while Viv was playing in the pool.

She was being a Cryptoclidus of course,catching fish to eat……

and yes, she calls it by name….cracks me up.

and then there is Vic…………..

He just isn’t in to swimming yet. He’ll take 3 baths a day and play with the water hose, but NO pool……

Easter eggs and Dinosaurs.

April 21, 2011

I decided to do the “right” thing and take the kids to the Sam Noble Museum for there easter egg hunt shindig on Wednesday. It was the “right” thing as in the OKC Barons were playing their playoff game as well that night, and I ditched to be a good mommy. Well, I try, right? They had the Easter Bunny to takes pics with (she didn’t want to) dinosaurs walking around (again no pics, she was “scared”) face painting (line way to long) and all kinds of games.

Of course the first thing we had to do was go look at all the dino fossils. It was nice to get her back there because she loves it so much. I like it to because it seems like every time I go, I see something different.

Victor finally enjoyed it as well, wandering around actually looking at stuff. He had to go up the elevator about 200 times, looking at the big dinosaur.

The favorite part was probably the dig for dinosaur game. Of course, Vivian knows to go slow and gentle so you don’t break any bones, so we were on track to be there all day. The “helpers” thought that was great when I explained what she was doing though. She eventually found a couple little dinosaurs that she was able to keep. Success!!!

From there we went over to play a ring the dino game. Got it on the first try!!

Vic just had a blast running around like a madman, checking out the grounds…

Next game was the bean bag toss. You got four tries. she made three in! not bad for a first timer! Softball here we come!!

standing patiently in line.

we went back inside to play in the other dino dig pit and kill some time before the egg hunt.

After the diggin and playing with more dinos, we went and lined up for the hunt. There were 3 different areas so kids the same age could hunt. Nice set up, but man, it was a madhouse. Viv came away with only 3 eggs…I saw to many big buckets full of 20 or more eggs. Just made me angry since a lot of little ones got NO eggs. I hate greed. But, we are a capitalist society,right? Pull up your bootstraps and hell with everyone else. Yea, sorry, mine will not be raised to be that way. If only we could all play nice. I only say this because it wasn’t the kids doing it, it was their parents. That I have a problem with.

Looking for more. She was sad so now I really need to get eggs to hunt them at the house. She didn’t want the candy, she had fun hunting. That makes me proud.

Well, Sunday we’ll have a hunt here at home, it was still nice letting her hang with dinosaurs and do an egg hunt though. Until then, farewell!

Trixie goes on vacation………….

April 5, 2011

For the trip to St. Louis for the NCAA hockey regionals, Vivian decided I needed to take a dinosaur with me. For the record, there are always at least 2-4 dinos in bed with me every night for my comfort, thanks Viv. She picked her Triceratops since she knows I like that one (it’s colors are pretty cool) and we named it Trixie. I really should of gotten more pics for her, but it wasn’t always easy. I knew she looked forward every day to seeing some pictures of what Trixie was up to, so I did what I could.

Thursday night we finally rolled into Collinsville, Il, right across the border from St. Louis. I was much happier with the idea than downtown St. louis, plus it was basically 50% cheaper. Not too mention being right by a White Castle, gas station and a Dairy Queen.One of the things I love about Doubletree………..the hot chocolate chip cookies, even though I never eat them, haha. sorry, just not a sweets kind of person. I will admit, I was curious the level of doubletree-ness this location would have, and I am very pleased with the end result. I wish we would of had the time to hit the steakhouse inside and the pool.

I let Trixie have my cookie, she had a long drive in the back seat.

After a good nights sleep, we woke up to

Just a little snow at first, by the time we left to head into St. Louis for the games, it was just rain. We ended up not tailgating per-say, just made some sandwiches. Glad we did because even thought everything looked and smelt great, it was too expensive for my sensibilities. Trixie had fun at warm ups and the two games that’s for sure. She even started getting a bit rowdy.

She had to pose with the Al Macinnis statue, she smiling because she thinks it’s funny that it looks like she is going to be used as a puck. She wasn’t happy about sitting out in the rain, but she is quite the fun happen’r.

Before they would let us through the ticket line, they had to search my bag, where Trixie rode. Of course, I knew I would be searched, but I wasn’t really worried, all I had was the camera and Trixie, and who can say no to a cute little green dinosaur on vacation and wanting to see her first hockey game. The man who searched saw Trixie, grabbed her, and held her up WAAAYYY in the air for all to see.He then loudly proclaimed for the hundred of people waiting in line to get in, “Listen everyone!!! We will not have any cuteness allowed in here, please bring no cuteness inside the arena!! This is a hockey game for crying out loud!!!”

Trixie was a bit embarrassed by all the eyes staring at her, but all the smiles made her feel better.She wanted to take her picture with the guy, but it was just to busy.

We got in and got settled right before warm ups and had already made friends with the usher lady. When they started she was more than happy to let me go down to the glass. Trixie was really excited but we weren’t sure earlier we would be able to.

She likes being on the glass to.

getting rowdy and crazy.

After an exciting pair of games, we all decided some White Castles were in order for celebrating.

After a late night but still good sleep ( I love those beds) we awoke, yet again, to this:

Alas, this did NOT turn into rain, we watched it for about 2 hours and decided to continue with the plans we had for adventuring despite the snow. After getting actually out in it and driving, it was quickly realized that we had no visibility so going to the Arch was out. Trixie was bummed, she wanted to go on a boat ride. We lucked out that the Cahokia Mounds museum was at least open, even though with the snow, we sure couldn’t climb or see any of the grounds or mounds. I highly recommend spending some time here whenever you get to the area. They do a great job recreating the culture and the best, knowledgeable people are there working. Trixie had a pretty good time, even though she was disappointed by the lack of mention of any of her ancestors. I tried explaining to her that dinos and people didn’t live together, and this was basically a people museum. I don’t think really ever quite got that, but, she is pretty hard headed like that. Then, of course, we saw this:

By the time we left the museum, there were 2 inches of snow, and was that good wet, big flaked snow. You know, the kind that just lands right in your eye and blinds you as it melts. The kind I haven’t felt in years, and actually made me say “Damn it snow!” Trixie wasn’t all hip on it either. She sat in a puddle of water on the statue the day before, she really didn’t like this really cold wet stuff. But she is a trooper and is one adventurous girl, she had to play in it at least once in her life right? I mean, she WAS on vacation, right??

After a few snow pics before I got to miserable we left, we weren’t sure how the roads were so wanted plenty of time to get across the river. Considering it was close to a blizzard, it was kind of a given that we weren’t going to be cooking out. Luckily, the night before heading to the arena, we spotted an Irish Pub, Maggie O’Briens, a couple blocks from the arena. That was were we headed. By the time we got over there, dang snow traffic, I was starving!! So was trixie. She couldn’t wait after hearing me and Art talking about it after reading their menu online.

She ended up sharing my cheddar beer soup.

and a Guinness………….

and a shot or two of Jagermeister…………..or three………………

Thank you Maggie O’Brians staff for putting up with a partying dinosaur.

We finally made it to the game no worse for wear and watching the University of Michigan win their trip to the Frozen Four.

By the time we got back after the game, everyone was exhausted. Knowing we would have to get up early to check out by noon didn’t help. We all wanted to chill and take our time before heading back, but that’s how it goes.

Before leaving town, we knew we had to go back to Cahokia Mounds since it was now not raining or snowing. But man it was windy and cold. Felt like Oklahoma, which didn’t help much as a reminder where we heading back to. We climbed the mounds, took some pictures, made more sandwiches so we didn’t half to stop, and then hit the road.

It’s really a shame that you can’t get the depth perception of how high we were.

After settling in for the long drive and listening to Notre Dame hockey get their win and their trip to the Frozen Four, we made it back to Oklahoma City. Trixie was reunited with Vivian, told quickly of her adventures and then saw her to bed.


to see any game pics, please go here and see related posts…


Until the next adventure…………………cheers!